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Living Hope education Centre an initiative with a divine connection with God ,it came as a dream to on of the children of Asamuk by names Amolo Simon Peter in 2003 as he was at school in National Teachers college Nkozi in Mpigi District, As being a Christian teacher I put in in black and white then kept on sharing it with spiritual leaders who encouraged a lot, One of the fears that Was in the implementation was because the dream owner had married a Munyoro woman so it seamed to the Vision bearer as if it would not be possible for the woman to accept to go and stay in a remote place, but because this was God, when that time came it was no worry because God had already spoken to the woman and leaving from Kampala to Amuria was Joy to the entire family even though to many it was madness moving from better life to hard life.

The genesis of the School started as stated below.

Living Hope Revival Ministries is a Christian and rural based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with NGO Board Reg. No. 6804 It was started in 2007 and operates in Amuria District with its Headquarters in Asamuk Trading Centre, Asamuk Sub-County, Amuria District, in Eastern Uganda.

Amuria District has undergone many problems, which include Local Insurgency of 1986-1992, Cattle rustling 1980-1990, LRA Insurgency of 2003-2004, and The Floods of 2007. The effects of these calamities are poverty, low literacy rates, poor agricultural productivity, low morals in the community which often leads to crime and rebellions, recurrent famine/food shortages, and worst of all these conditions promote the HIV/AIDS pandemic and affect development in the area.

The resultant effect of those misfortunes is desperation or loss of hope i.e. a state of Hopelessness. It is against this background that Living Rope Revival Ministries stands to address the physical, socio- economic and spiritual needs of the people for improved livelihood.